Corporate Services

MiCasa Legal provides assistance with both new and ongoing compliance matters under Japanese laws. We prepare legal documents in both Japanese and English.
We can, for example, assist your company with;

  • Amendment to Articles of Incorporation (Trading Name, Business Purposes, Fiscal Year etc.)
  • Relocation of head office
  • Election of directors, statutory auditors and any other members
  • Increasing and decreasing paid-in capital
  • Assignment of shares
  • Adopting stock option
  • Merger and split of companies
  • Coversion from G.K. to K.K. or from K.K. to G.K.
  • Dissolution and liquidation
  • Support to prepare for shareholders' meeting and board of directors' meeting
  • Managing a subsidiary (holding statutory documents, managing a bank account etc.)

In Japan, certain information regarding companies is required to be registered with Legal Affairs Bureau within two weeks after the events occur. Failure to follow these procedures may be subject to administrative penalty. Of course, we offer comprehensive services to include watching over these events so that the companies do not fail to meet necessary procedures.
Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Fees and Expenses

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